The Infiltrator of the CABAL unit, Jezebel forgoes offensive skills for unmatched stealth and mobility, sneaking behind enemy lines to disrupt, acquire, and scout. Her warlock trait "Usurp" allows her to seize control of objects she interacts with, allowing her to unlock doors or steal information from priority targets, slowly prying the enemy's defenses apart for her team to step in. 

*Jezebel was inspired from the biblical queen of the same name, commonly associated as a heretic, seductress and usurper of the throne, which I felt fitting for a character that slips into enemy territory and dismantles it from within. Like fellow CABAL member, Legion, Jezebel isn't named after a goetia demon. Following CABAL fashion, Jezebel's fashion was inspired from the gothic punk style, with ornamental raven feathers, locks, chains and keys to suit her abilities.
The Assassin of the CABAL unit, possessing great stealth and mobility. An amoral scientist from the world above, exiled to the underworld of Malkuth. Cold, cunning and merciless, it's said that he was one of the first to gain his warlock abilities, and later started the CABAL as a means for revenge on those who exiled him so long ago.

*Astaroth was designed with the actual goetia demon in mind, typically depicted with a snake staff and pungent breath. Following the CABAL's fashion sense of gothic black leather, Astaroth was dressed with neo-gothic fashion (or the "Matrix look") in mind, wearing a long flowing trench coat that's meant to be reminiscent of a scientist's labcoat from his past.
The Trickster of the CABAL, Legion possesses abilities unknown to the CABAL itself, an enigma that has reportedly existed for hundreds of years across thousands of different bodies. Legion's unorthodox skill set thrives in both stealth and frontal assaults. It's warlock abilities include masks and shadowy tendrils to trap and forcefully convert enemy units to it's side. If left unchecked, Legion becomes a cancer, slowly corrupting an enemy force and turning it on itself. 

*Legion was designed to be the oddball of the team, something that was clearly part of the CABAL yet not quite one of them. Unnaturally long limbs, a faceless mask and, keeping with CABAL fashion-sense, a black leather gimp suit, made Legion stand out more. The gimp suit itself was also to make him seem more "deviant" than the rest, with eyes on the chest plate and masks over it's body to symbolize it's many bodies.
The Tank of the CABAL unit, with a high health pool and a penchant for mass destruction. Belial possesses a rare and powerful warlock trait : "indestructibility". Couple that with a violent, blood thirsty nature and an intense hatred for the world above , Belial was recruited early into the CABAL to be a "distraction", wreaking havoc in the enemy lines as the other members move unseen amidst the chaos. 

*Belial went through multiple designs, maintaining the idea of a foreboding juggernaut/berserker character as the goetia demon known as a "Son of Destruction". To bring out the feel that he was both indestructible and battle-hungry, I went about sticking more and more debris into him, finally settling with his "hair" being self mutilating glass shards plunged into his head. Sticking with CABAL fashion sense, Belial dresses Anarcho-punk style, with ornamental studs, belts and spikes he puts on for good measure.
Joshua Ang
3D Modeller and Concept Artist

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